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"Home"     This is the front page of my site.  Look here for special offers and info regarding free web site building. NEW: visit the "Buildfree Blog"! - fill with tips and tricks for building a free website.
"3 Easy Steps"    Build a free website and be on the net in less than 15 minutes with 3 easy steps.  Beginners are recommended to start here.
"Free New Email"     This page will list sites to get a new free Email, and why you should do so.  Links and reviews of many free locations that offer free Email.
"Get Building"     This page will get you started in the right direction.  Last minute checks before you build your site.  Links to the 3 main types of web pages.
"Personal Sites"     This page will help you get started building a free website.  Touches on the level of skill needed to build.
"Free Templates    Easy to use, Copyright free web page templates for personal or business use.  Nothing to download, just copy and paste script right to your page. See also Free Tables.
"Create Navigation Buttons"   -Drop-down Menu-  -Navigational Buttons-  -Menu Bar-  -HTML Buttons-
"Coordinate Colors This is a valuable tool.  A variety of color wheels display colors that "go together".  You can use the colors for your web pages.  You can choose the wall colors and trim colors when painting your house.  You can choose coordinating fabric colors.
"Music Sites"     This page is for the musician!  Get your music out there with a free music page.  Links to several free locations, and the good and bad points.
"Photo Gallery Sites"     This page is for the photographer or artist.  Links to putting together a web site to show off your photography and artwork.
"Graphics and Stuff"     This page will get you started adding clipart, images, photos, GIF'S, and JPEGS to your free site.  Explains advantages and disadvantages.
"Backgrounds"     This page will help you get a cool background image for your free site.  Links to hundreds of locations that offer free backgrounds.
"GIF Images"     Animated graphics are the topic here.  How to get them, and how to use them.  
"Site Add-Ons page 1"     This page is full of useful free items to enhance your site.  Guestbooks, counters, trackers, and message boards.
"Site Add-Ons page2"     More great free things to enhance your site.  Clocks, jump box, search boxes.
"Site Add-Ons page 3"    Even more cool stuff for free to spice up that boring site.  Site Ring, Amber alert ticker, weather radar, popularity check, stock quote chart.  Links.
"Site Add-Ons page 4"   This page contains a radio tuner, news ticker, random "Heavy Thoughts" generator, trivia box.
"Site Add-Ons page 5"   This page contains more of the cool website add-ons that make a site look professional, and provide variety.
"Site Add-Ons page 6"   This page contains more of the cool website add-ons like a drawing board, chat boxes.
"Banners and Headings"     How and where to create those cool headings for the top of your page.  Links to free banner making locations.  Free 3D text creator!
"Bars and Dividers"     How and where to get those cool separators to keep your web pages neat.
"Animated Text"     How to create a scrolling marquee.  Links to sites that offer free flashy text and fonts.
"Photos"     How to get them.  How to use them.  Free image compression.  Free editing program download.
"Webmaster's Toolbox"     This page contains a plethora of tools  like a site submission table, link checker, jargon buster, meta tag generator, and more.
"HTML"     What is it?  How do I use it?  A short course on Hypertext Markup Language.  Free scripts.
"Meta Tags"     A part of HTML, yet so important, it deserves it's own section.  How to create them for free.  How to apply them, and use them effectively.
"Site Redirection"     This page will help you change your mile long web address (common to free sites) to a short catchy one your friends can remember.
"Copy and Paste"     You need to know how to do this.  Useful in all aspects of computer.  Don't be shy, it's easy.
"Blogging"    (Web Logging)  Some folks just want a free site where they can post a journal, or spout their opinions.  Links to free blogging sites.  See what's the fuss!
"Site Submission"    Once you have your free web site built, and your meta tags are in order, check out these free site submission links.  Get listed in search engines!
"3D Text creator"     This page contains a free cool 3d text creator tool from xara.  Create font with shadow free.  Copy then save it to your computer.
"Free Stuff"     This page links to sites that offer free items of all kinds.  Not only web tools, but free stuff of all kinds.
"Cool Links"     This is the mother lode of links to the best and most useful sites for building a free website.

Web www.buildfree.org
"Link Exchange"     This page is where you can link back to my site.  Let your friends know how to build a free site of their own with a free www.buildfree.org link.
"Accepting Money"     This page will help you set up accounts at PayPal.com and  Amazon.com so you can accept money on your free site for purchases and donations.


"Top Affiliate Programs"     This is the place to go if you want to earn money from your web site.  Join with hundreds of companies and earn a percentage of sales.
"Make Donation"    Please visit this page and make a donation to keep this site up-to-date and pop-up free.
"Free Downloads"     This page contains free downloads to help with web site building.  Freeware! not Shareware.  Links to the top 100 free downloads from SnapFiles.
"Free Screensaver Downloads"     This section is full of the coolest 3D screensavers you may download for free!
"Quick Links"     This page lists over 100 locations to build a free web site.  It links to hundreds more.  Go here if you just want the links only and not my opinions.
"Helpful Hints    Here are a couple things to help you with building your free website that I learned the hard way.  See also the "Dos and Don'ts" page.
"Advertise"     This page will help you advertise on my site.  Prices and regulations.
"Guestbook"     View or sign my free bravenet.com guestbook.
"Boxmail.biz"    This page contains a complete step by step tutorial to help you build a free website at boxmail.biz
"Bravenet Help"     Here you will find a complete step by step tutorial to help you build a free website at Bravenet.com.
"Site Map 2"   Here is a list of all the pages on this website with page titles.
"XML Site Map Google has a way of indexing pages directly that is totally confusing to the normal person.

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