Hypertext Markup Language, or  HTML, has been  the standard text-formatting language since 1989 for documents on the interconnected computing network known as the World Wide Web. HTML documents are text files that contain two parts: content that is meant to be viewed on a computer screen, and tags, encoded information that directs the text format on the screen and is generally hidden from the user.   To see what html looks like for this page, right click on an open field and choose “view source“.

     The average site builder does not have to know everything about HTML, but it is very important that you understand a couple things.  One of which is “meta tags”.   This is how your site is found and listed by a search engine.  (See “Meta Tags”).  And…

A couple necessary scripts…

Create a hyperlink:   <A href=””>Text</A>    Just replace with the location you want the link to go to, and replace Text with the words you want the viewers to click on.

Image or photo:   <img src=”yourphoto.jpg”>   Very simple but you have to have the image uploaded to the server, and make sure you have the file name and extension exactly correct!

Image with hyperlink:
<A href=””><img src=”yourphoto.jpg” border=”0″></A>

<HR>   This creates a horizontal divider like the one right below this line.