Getting Started With A Free Website

Most people ask me “How do I get started? Should I build a free personal website or can I just create a free blog? What if I just want to upload my photos or my music?”

Others are worried that they need advanced computer skills (not true), and still others just want a free mobile website. My main recommendation (and I cannot stress this enough) is to just go ahead and get started. You do not have to have the whole thing planned out. Website building is just that – building. It does not happen at once, it is an ongoing process. It is built up little by little over time.

So generally when I start a new website, I create the pages that I know that eventually I will be able to fill with content. You could look at it as an outline, then when you think of something to put on the page(s), the hard work is already done.

But like anything free, you have to do the research and make an attempt. I have filled this website with helpful information. Read at your own pace and good luck.