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New!! Download the BuildFree toolbar. Access all the information you need to build your own free website right from your browser. Installs in seconds and blends in seamlessly with internet explorer. Everything you need and its absolutely FREE!  CLICK HERE

_____________________   Graphics Tools   _______________________

NEW! Image compression made easy with this free program called RIOT. You must do this before you load your pictures onto your website! Reduces file size for faster page loading for your visitors. CLICK HERE

Resize and compress a whole batch photos at one time. This is the best I have seen!   CLICK HERE

Resize and compress your jpegs easily with this free program! You must do this before you load your pictures onto your website!  CLICK HERE

FrameFun allows you to add subtle frame effects to your photos with optional drop shadows and colored background to your images.   CLICK HERE

Bworks is an image tool that converts photos to cool looking black and whites  Not just the usual looking sepia that most gray-scale converters use.  CLICK HERE

Overlay 2 images, add text, add a cool frame to your photos, and lots more!.  "2 Pic" is really easy to use and fun to Play with!  CLICK HERE

My new favorite fun FREE download is "PIXIA".   It creates and edits graphics, photos, and images.  Easier than photo shop!  CLICK HERE.

This program claims to be able to put 3D text on images.  It does that, but it does so much more!  It's easy to make things happen!  It is called "TextStylist". CLICK HERE

An all around  great free photo editing program with lots of options!  Don't forget to download the "Plug-ins"    CLICK HERE

This is the coolest "thumbnail creator"  I've found.  It does batch conversion!   CLICK HERE

A super neat free program that allows you to merge 2 photos 1 on top of another.  (download says trial download, but it is really free!)     CLICK HERE

The following is a little tricky to use, but you can add a "stamp" to your photos.  Insert parts of one photo into another.   CLICK HERE

Note: See also "Cool Sites For Online Photo Editing"

_________________________   Utilities   __________________________

Microsoft Security Essentials - provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. The product replaces Windows Defender for malware protection and adds additional anti-virus, rootkit and Trojan scanning capabilities. Free Download.

A must have free program is "Spybot Search and Destroy".  Find and remove malicious adware and spyware.  Also includes removal of certain advertising components, that may gather statistics as well as detection of various keylogging and other spy utilities.     CLICK HERE

A totally free virus protection program with free updates forever.  This is not a "trial period" program.. it's free!  To read more and download:   CLICK HERE

The best FREE anti-virus program is Avast! Self updating and a necessity!   CLICK HERE

After trying 5 different screen capture tools, I finally found one that didn't suck!   CLICK HERE

The following program creates imaginary 3D boxes that software (and similar items) comes in.  It is technically not "freeware", it is "donationware".  You can donate to support the author if you want. It is called "Box Shot".   CLICK HERE

See what "spyware" is on your computer, and safely remove it with Adaware.     CLICK HERE

Make free "photo cube" screensavers.  (photos must be converted to bitmap)   CLICK HERE 

In 2001, Microsoft revealed a critical defect in Windows XP and ME.  Windows' Universal Plug and Play service (UPnP) would allow a malicious hacker to remotely take over any system that was running and exposing the UPnP service to the Internet.  Read more about the vulnerability of UPnP and install a free small program to disable and enable this program.   CLICK HERE 

This is a cool toolbar download for Internet Explorer from Google.  Now contains a free pop-up blocker and shows the page rank of the site you are viewing!     CLICK HERE 

________________   Webmaster Tools   _______________

If you are using Google Adsense ads on your website, and aren't using alternative ads for displaying in locations where Google ads aren't available, you could be making some extra money. I have found free templates that are set up and ready for you to use!  CLICK HERE.  They also have a free download for a complete link exchange directory, 41 optimized pages ready to upload to your site!  CLICK HERE.

Find broken links on your website with this cool small tool. Creates a report so you can find all broken links quickly! Best program I've found.  CLICK HERE.

Free web page creator from trellian. Create your website without learning html.  CLICK HERE

Some of the buttons from my sites have been created by using the following program.  It is fairly easy, and fun to play with, and yes...absolutely FREE!      CLICK HERE 

Another cool FREE button maker program is "Buttonmania".  Specializes in making  buttons with a small file size.  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT DOWNLOAD

Buttonz & Tilez! is an award-winning software package that should make the life of webmasters easier. The package includes 2 applications, "Buttonz!", which creates buttons of various shapes, and "Tilez!", which renders seamless textures.     CLICK HERE

"Color Scheme Designer" is an easy to use and effective utility to design color schemes for use in web sites.  Helps you choose colors that "go together".  CLICK HERE

Check your website's popularity with this easy to use program! Once installed, make sure to click "Update All" your website will show no links (all 0's).  CLICK HERE

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