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Bars, Dividers and Buttons

     The coolest thing to spruce up your site, is a bar (or divider) to separate items on your page.  Due to the popularity of bars buttons, and dividers, I have built a whole website dedicated to web graphics.  Get bars and dividers at !! 

     You can also create a simple divider bar in HTML just with <HR> You can alter the length this way <HR width="80%"> You can even change the color this way <HR width="80%" color="red"> The red divider below is created with html.  (This saves file space and bandwidth as opposed to using a graphic).

Never link to another site's graphics, right click on it and take it with you!


While you are using bars, check out these sites that offer free buttons and bullets. -  On this site you'll find over 5000 buttons, they're all totally exclusive, you won't find these buttons anywhere else.

Free download to make free buttons!  I highly recommend this!

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